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I try to imagine my life as a life examined not only by me, but by my children and their children for generations to come. My own biographical existence is ultimately meaningless and futile if I have not used my time here to make this a better world for the next generation or generations.

This can simply mean conveying values to children that are better than the ones we grew up with.

I also strongly believe that religion is one of the ways we convey those values. Secondarily, institutions, whether academic or governmental. Even the simple process of recording and transmitting ideas, whether oral or otherwise recorded.

When we believe that our beliefs are the ultimate truth, more than any others before or to come, we curtail our ability to survive as a species. Even if we might disagree with someone else's views, if you have a strong enough faith, you should be unconcerned whether or not those alternate beliefs will somehow lead us astray. That's the beauty of living in a pluralistic society - the ability to dialogue freely.

In the world of faith and ideas, we should encourage a healthy diversity of thoughts and discussion. Not doing so, when we decide we know what we know, is the ultimate cultural relativism. I believe that working towards a society with justice and peace for all people, and respect for the dignity of every human being requires that we expand the potential of each life. On the most basic level, that means making sure people on this planet have their basic needs met. Then we can start nitpicking doctrinal and ideological positions.