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Anyone who tells me that God flooded New Orleans because it was evil gets this reponse from me:

"If that's so, then why didn't God take out Bourbon Street?"

I haven't had a good response yet. It's just wrong to jump tp a mindset of judgmentalism. If those people understand what it means to follow Jesus, then their hearts would instinctively (because there are a new creation) turn to love.

But sadly, too many "Christians" just don't understand the faith they claim.

I'm a Christian who sins for sure, but my aim is to follow Christ as well as I can. I'm trying. At least I understand what following Jesus means. That helps me see when my so-called brothers and sisters in Christ are way out of line in their judgments, as opposed to the love that should be flowing out of them.

It is sad. And yes, the Christians in this country deserve judgment.

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